LOONG Elevator, formerly known as Giant Elevator, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhejiang Giant Group Co., Ltd.

The enterprise was founded in 1951 and started to manufacture elevators in 1978. It is one of the first domestic elevator manufacturers and a pioneer of Nanxun Town, the “Hometown of Elevators”.

In April 2005, Giant and KONE jointly invested and established “Giant KONE Elevator Co., Ltd. Due to the market opportunities brought by the rapid development of China, Giant KONE developed quickly and achieved remarkable operation performances as well as strong driving force in sustainable development. In August 2016, based on the consideration of business, Giant withdrew all of its equity in Giant KONE and started a new journey.

Giant has focused on elevator industry for more than 40 years. "Giant Elevator”, won the honorary titles of "Famous Trademark" and "Well-known Firm”, is one of China's most famous native brands of elevator. It has sold well throughout the whole country and abroad.

Giant, once only engaged in a single industry, has now developed into a diversified group company involved in investment and investment management, industry and service industry. Among many industries, Giant still adheres to its main elevator business for decades as top priority in its industrial development. Zhejiang LOONG Elevator Co., Ltd carries on the Giant’s experience and capability for decades and shoulders the dream and mission of several generations. LOONG Elevator is the carrier and inheritor of Giant Elevator.

LOONG Elevator is located in Giant Industrial Park of Nanxun Economic Development District, Huzhou, Zhejiang Province, covers an area of 260,000 square meters. The company owns a 188-meter elevator test tower and a 2,000-square-meter national-level Electrical and Mechanical Laboratory. World's leading equipments form elevator production line. The whole-process collaborative intelligent manufacturing platform delivers high product quality, high production efficiency and quick service response.

With more than 40-year experience in elevator industry and 11-year history of the joint venture, LOONG Elevator has accumulated many experienced professionals in elevator R&D technology, operation management, manufacturing, engineering service and etc. The company is also gathering new and hopeful forces to provide a guarantee of important human resource for its sustainable and healthy development.

LOONG Elevator adheres to technology-based career, innovation driven and is committed to producing the best elevators. It has 10 series of standard products in 25 categories covering passenger elevator, sightseeing elevator, bed elevator, freight elevator, car elevator, escalator, moving walk, home elevator, existing building elevator, and dumbwaiter. All these intelligent products meet customized requirements in different buildings and various places.

LOONG Elevator establishes a full-coverage network to provide life cycle service from product consulting to after-sales maintenance. The service system based on IoT connects product, construction site, customer, depot and plant all the time. LOONG Elevator always provides safe and reliable lifting services to passengers with remote monitoring + smart analysis system and accurate preventive maintenance.

LOONG Elevator upholds the core value of “Honesty, Striving, Innovation, and Altruism”, focuses on the mission of “to pursue employees’ happiness of material and spirit, to focus on satisfying experience of customers, to promote enterprise value and to practice social responsibility” and is committed to becoming “a benchmarking enterprise with global competitiveness and an everlasting happy company”. LOONG promotes value for customers and boosts the development of cities.